From the President


    Hello everyone, and welcome to a new year of Education in our great state of Tennessee.  As we all know we are definitely living in the information age.  Our website,, is dedicated to providing helpful and up-to-date information for both our members and customers.  In order for our website to be successful we need everyone’s help.  You will notice the members tab on the left of this page.  If any PROs member has not updated their profile please do so by sending your information to Danny Tomlin at  As many of you know Danny is our past President and has so graciously volunteered to help coordinate our website updates with our web master.  Please remember that our association pays a monthly fee to update the website so let’s make sure we take advantage of this service. 


    In closing, I would like to invite each of you to please share our updated website with our customers and always remember that as a member of the PROs this is your website and it will only be as successful as the amount of effort we put into it.  I wish you all a wonderful 2009.  Good luck to everyone with Science.


Noel Pack

President, PROT


















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